Networking Success at Conferences: Uncovering Hidden Job Opportunities

Uncovering Hidden Job Opportunities

Career coach Tina Persson shares tips on how to make the most out of attending a conference, or fair. To make the most of a physical event, it's essential to plan it carefully, set achievable goals for the day, and avoid hard-selling yourself. Tina also emphasizes expanding your social circle, going outside your comfort zone, and having fun.

What should not be done at an event?

- The first thing is to not have a clue as to why you are going to a conference. But once you are there, you should not stick to your own that you already know. Go outside the boundary and meet other people. And you must take part in the activities that are after the conference. Expand your social circle and go outside your comfort zone. But in the evening you mingle without talking about business.

You should also not hard sell yourself at a conference.

- Don't bring your CV - it just ends up on the floor anyway. You can follow up with a CV after the conference. But, it's perfectly fine to talk about what skills a company or a manager is looking for and tell them you're looking for new opportunities. I usually call it an investigative call.

When you get home, you follow up, connect and send your CV. And it is not, according to Tina Persson, impossible to get a job through mingling.

- You can say that you network for a hidden job.

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