Passage2Pro was founded with the intent of helping PhD students bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Seeing the lack of support for people transitioning from academia to industry, Tina founded Passage2Pro which is built on the principle that every client can benefit from customised professional development coaching for professional growth.

Now, we offer a diverse range of services, including career coaching for those preparing for career advancement, leadership development for aspiring leaders, and team building strategies for organizations. Our services are ideally suited for professionals in academia and research sectors who are looking to transition into industry roles, as well as individuals and organizations seeking to develop strong leadership skills and build high-performing teams.

We take a holistic approach to our clients' needs, so we don't simply offer a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, we work with each person individually to craft a roadmap that's tailored specifically to their needs.

The story of Passage2Pro

Dr. Tina Persson started her Career Coaching with the brand "My Head Hunter & Career Coach". Her primary focus was to deliver lectures, seminars, and workshops for academic professionals looking for a career beyond academia. She soon became a certified coach and started her coaching business the same year.
Tina founded the open corporate company Passage2Pro AB. In the first two years, the focus was on career coaching of academic professionals looking for a career beyond the academic context. Passage2Pro also delivered workshops, lectures, and key notes mainly in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.
2018 - 2019
Passage2Pro expanded their geographic area and Tina started to deliver her career coaching services globally - EU and in the US. Tina also became an ICF Certified Coach on the PCC level.
ICF Certification badge
Passage2Pro expanded its services into leadership development and leadership coaching, for the corporate and the university world.
Tina got certified as a Team Coach by the Global Team Coaching Institute.
Team Coach Certificate issued by Global Team Institute
Tina received the Outstanding Leadership award at Education 2.0 conference.
Education 2.0 award
Tina is a certified practitioner in Team coaching by the Global Team Coaching Institute.
Team coach certification
She is also a certified Praditus user.
Certified Coach
Dr. Tina Perrson

About our Founder

Tina Persson, PhD is a sought-after speaker, author, podcaster and entrepreneur whose creativity, confidence and tenacity have earned her the reputation as a dynamic leader.

Tina spent nearly two decades in academia followed by eight years as a recruiter and talent sourcer for industry and knows firsthand how hard it can be to make the transition from one to the other—and she also knows what you need to do it successfully.

She is also an executive leadership coach, and has worked with over 1000 high-level professionals to help them navigate their leadership journeys. Tina’s experience as a coach as well as her creativity and background in business have allowed her to help countless individuals transform into successful leaders.

Her approach is one that focuses on growth and empowerment. She helps her clients build trust in themselves by showing them how to use goal-setting and people-skills to achieve success, no matter the organisation or business.

In addition to her coaching work, Tina is an inventor who holds two patents related to RNA research. She is currently on the board at Aptahem, where she uses her expertise about RNA to help the company develop aptamers that prevent septic shock without coagulation (and with anti-inflammatory effects).


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20+ years in academia as a scientist and a group leader

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8+ years of experience in the recruitment business as recruiter, headhunter and manager

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Experienced speaker and trainer who has delivered over 300+ seminars and workshops

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Her podcast has been ranked among the Top 5 most important PhD podcasts in the world

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Has published over 20+ articles in international journals

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ICF certified coach with 3000+ coach hours incl. leadership/executive coaching

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Certified to deliver LUMINA Spark, Birkman, The Big Five model and a 360-model

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