Meet Tina!

Tina Persson, PhD, is an internationally-recognized career & leadership coach, author, entrepreneur and sought-after speaker.

Dr. Persson is a global executive coach and has helped senior leaders, c-level executives and high potential leaders to achieve their goals. She is also an expert leadership and team coaching facilitator. Tina has developed workshops for universities and organisations which has helped improve team work, productivity and effectiveness of individuals.

Tina is also adept at empowering researchers to pave their way to a smooth transition from the academic world to a fulfilling business-driven career.

How Passage2Pro can help you

Are you struggling to figure out how to transition from academia to industry? Or maybe you’re just finding that the job you want doesn’t seem to exist. If so, you’re not alone.

Our expert coaches will help you identify which information or knowledge you may lack that prevents you from finding your dream job.

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Are you a manager who wants to better understand your own needs, and use your natural strengths to reach your full potential? We hear you!

Once you find your dream job, there's no stopping us! Our coaches will be by your side every step of the way as you develop into a leader and a critical member of your team.

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Team Coaching

Do you want to create an organisation where ideas can flourish and empower individuals to take responsibility for their actions? You are in the right place!

Our team will also work with your organisation to optimise the output of your team and department so everyone can reach their fullest potential for success!

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What people are saying

I learned more about industry recruitment and applications during the coaching sessions with Tina, but even more importantly I learned a whole lot about myself. Tina has excellent people skills, which she naturally used to help me find the best fitting role for my personality. Conclusively, I learned that it's important to accept myself as an employee and have faith that the best fitting job is just around the corner. I definitely recommend to try out the coaching with Tina!

Dr. Julia
Research Scientist
The PhD Career Coaching Guide - Book

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