Find Out How to Utilize Your PhD to Get Hired Now in Any Industry!

Getting a job is an incredibly competitive process, and your knowledge and abilities are often not enough to get you the job. There are different factors that influence your success in the hiring process, and if you want to win against all the other candidates, you’ll need to know what those factors are, and how to use them to your advantage.

The PhD Career Coaching Guide: Job Search Strategies, Interview Techniques and Life Lessons for Achieving Success is a comprehensive guide on how to find a job and attract employers.

It will help you familiarise yourself with job search strategies, interviews techniques and even life lessons on achieving success! This system might not be fair, but the only thing you can do is to adapt to it and add great communication to your list of skills.

You’ve invested time and funds in your education, now it’s time to reap the benefits!

PhD Career Coach

Find out how to utilize your PhD to get hired now in any industry!

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In this easy-to-read guide, you'll learn:

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Strategies for searching for a job in any field and industry

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Techniques for writing a resume that stands out and emphasises your strengths

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Secret methods for networking and revealing hidden jobs

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Tips for constructing an engaging cover letter that will spark the interest in employers

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Techniques for excellent performance on a job interview

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How to create a great LinkedIn profile that will attract potential employers

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Strategies for presenting your knowledge and skills to a non-academic employer

and so much more!!!

There's more to you than your resume, CV and LinkedIn profile. But how do you communicate that to a potential employer? In this book we'll show you exactly how to do that, so you can find a great job in no time!

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What people are saying

I must say that I highly recommend Tina Persson, Global ICF Leadership and Career Coach. She is exceptional in her coaching and training expertise and can unlock the true potential of high-performing executives. Tina has a proven track record of developing new leaders and helping companies build a strong leadership bench, making her the go-to choice for any company in need of a top-notch coach.

Robert Moment
ICF Certified Executive Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach

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Dr. Julia - lorem
Research Scientist - lorem
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After reading “The PhD career coaching guide” by Tina Persson, I decided to request individual coaching from Tina for an optimal transition from academia to industry. Her coaching style was sometimes confrontational by pushing boundaries, but it did help me make this transition possible. For example, she advised me to get over my shame and to approach recruiters and contact persons from vacancies directly. Furthermore, she helped me reading vacancies and explaining why some positions were more or less suitable for me. Her coaching gave me the confidence I needed, resulting in a suitable job in industry. I can recommend coaching by Tina for anyone who really wants to make the transition from academia to industry. Tina Persson is a true professional and because of her extensive experience in academia, recruitment, headhunting and coaching, she has a lot of experience and insights to share. For me it felt that her motto is: if you want something, stay positive, work hard, have confidence (and patience), and eventually good things will happen!

Stéphanie, PhD
Clinical Trial Manager

I sincerely recommend ‘The PhD Career Coaching Guide’ to any PhD wishing to access high-paying jobs in times of uncertainty. The book consists of appealing arguments on how to create a job search strategy and to implement it successfully. Moreover, this book is an essential reading for students and scholars wanting to learn more about modern requirements to resumes, CVs and cover letters. The reader will also learn how to use F.I.T. framework, PAR and STAR techniques, and how to attract employers via LinkedIn profile. Dr. Tina Persson is an author who shared an applicable algorithm for accomplishing PhDs’ objectives before, during and after an interview.

Dr. Ielyzaveta L
Associate Professor and MPI Alumni Associate

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