Strategic career coaching and training for professionals.

Are you struggling to figure out how to transition from academia to industry? Or do you feel like the job you have is not what you expected? Or maybe you are having a hard time finding the job you want.

If so, you’re not alone. We identify which information or knowledge you may lack that prevents you from finding your dream job.

“Career Success is acquiring the right knowledge and coaching guidance working in a field that makes you happy and fulfilled”

~ Tina Persson, PhD

How our career coaching can help

Our personal career coaching will be individually tailored to you and your needs. We will identify which information or knowledge you may lack that prevents you from finding your dream job.

obstacles and hindrances
Identify your obstacles and hindrances
Improve your personal development
Identify your hard, soft and transferable skills.
strengths and weaknesses
Identify your strength and weaknesses
Define your personal values
Define your personal values
Dream career
Define the job of your dreams
Job market
Understand the labour market
Design a professional resume
Design a professional resume
Optimize your LinkedIn profile
Optimize your LinkedIn profile
work vs life balance
Understand work vs life balance

We have a really good track record of successfully helping many academics on a global level to secure their first job in industry.

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How we work


One-on-one collaboration


Work towards a personalised goal.

What people are saying

I must say that I highly recommend Tina Persson, Global ICF Leadership and Career Coach. She is exceptional in her coaching and training expertise and can unlock the true potential of high-performing executives. Tina has a proven track record of developing new leaders and helping companies build a strong leadership bench, making her the go-to choice for any company in need of a top-notch coach.

Robert Moment
ICF Certified Executive Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Coach

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Dr. Julia - lorem
Research Scientist - lorem
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Tina is an exceptional career coach and mentor. She had a profound impact on my career and life after only two small workshops and three individual sessions. In my particular case, she helped me understand that storytelling is key. Together we build a plan for growth and she guided me through my transition from constant rejections to getting three job offers in the same month.

Dr. Miguel Fernandes
Data Scientist

I worked with Tina for ten months. The coaching was truly transformative for me - I thought I knew myself pretty well, but I learned so much about myself in these sessions. What I have learned has been incredibly valuable, not just for my professional life but also for my personal life. These sessions helped me really understand what my needs are in the workplace and to identify roles that would be a good fit for me, as well as building my confidence to really go for the roles I wanted. Making a career change can be a demanding process, but following Tina's process, and knowing that this process has successfully helped so many people reach their career goals was very reassuring and helped keep me on track. Tina even predicted the exact month I would sign a new contract! Tina is a fantastic coach and working with her was the best investment in myself I ever made.


A couple of weeks into my job hunt, I realized I had no clue about the jobs behind the industrial titles. Each advertised industrial job appeared as if it was a good fit for me. It was from Tina’s personalized career coaching style, her well-thought self-awareness exercises, and immense recruiting knowledge that enabled me to identify my key skills and career goals and thus devise a targeted job hunt strategy. Moreover, to help stand out from the crowd, Tina encouraged me to present myself proactively in a short video clip. I should mention that with my very first application prepared upon Tina’s advice with a perfectly optimized CV, the novel video profile, and pre-application network with recruiters, I became visible to everyone. My one piece of advice for the reader would be ‘Trust Tina, she is there to help’. Thanks, Tina!

Saba, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher

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