The career coach: This is how you are a good manager - and things you should avoid

you are a good manager

According to Tina Persson, it's crucial for a manager to know their strengths and weaknesses and understand their role in the organization. She emphasizes that effective communication with employees requires clarity, understanding their needs, and finding your position in the company. Dr. Persson also warns against assumptions about employees, leading by example, and surrounding yourself with complementary people on the board.

What should a manager not do?
- You should not assume that employees are like yourself. You cannot be a lonely rider in the company. It hurts you, it hurts your employees and, by extension, the company as well.

If you don't have an education in life science yourself and become a manager - what should you think about?
- A good leader who lacks specialist knowledge should surround himself with people who complement them personally and with competence.

Tina Persson believes that it can be good to come in with a different view of entrepreneurship. She gives as an example that as a manager in a medtech company, you may know the logistics network and the game in the logistics market, but do not have the medical technology competence. And then you have to make sure you have it on the board.

- You cannot have a board where everyone comes with similar skills and the same background and where everyone is a yes-sayer. You need to be challenged in order to do a good job.

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