Asking for Help: Your Secret Weapon for Future Success

asking for help

“In the video, I share my story of when I was facing challenges during my career transition. The unexpected challenge I encountered was that, after many years in an academic context, I had forgotten how to ask for help. It was my biggest obstacle, and the reason I struggled to seek assistance was 1) I was afraid of failure and 2) I preferred to help others” – Dr. Tina Persson CEO of Passage2Pro | Coach

Have you ever realized that asking for help can be your greatest asset? I learned it later in life and it was the turning point in my career. So my advice is: Learn how to reach out a hand, and your career will take a new and maybe even unexpected turn.

In my academic years, I believed seeking help was a sign of weakness, and working hard and showing independence was the key to success. It might have been so in academic life at the time, but times have changed with the rapid advancements driven by technology and AI. Keeping up with the ever-evolving information flow and digital advancements is nearly impossible for an individual, but it is a team effort.

To be a valuable part of the future workforce, you must embrace teamwork, which includes being open-minded, curious, optimistic, and trusting your teammates. Being part of building psychological safety in a team and sharing information will unlock your own abilities and contribution to the team and increase your value in the organization - The knowing-all attitude is outdated. 

Recognizing the Challenge:

Do you struggle to ask for help? Here are five common signs that might resonate with you:

1) Feeling that you never receive help and have to struggle alone

2) Seeing asking for help as a sign of weakness (leads to isolation)

3) Preferring to give rather than receive, thinking it makes you a “good person”

4) Believing that everyone lets you down and you can't trust anyone

5) Struggling with low self-esteem, thinking you don't deserve help

If any of these sounds familiar to you, it might be a sign you need help to learn how to ask for help. Below I list 5 tips on how you can start the training – It's all about having a strategy, but with time, it all becomes more and more natural. 

1) Clearly understand what you need assistance with

2) Be specific when asking for help; people aren't mind readers

3) Formulate your request specifically. Explain why you need it!

4) Avoid assuming what others know and can do. They don’t

5) Frame your request positively instead of complaining. A positive approach is more likely to yield positive results

Asking for help is not a weakness but a powerful tool for future success. By honing this skill and following the practical tips provided, you can build stronger relationships, foster collaboration, and unlock your true potential. Start today and witness the positive impact on your career and personal growth. Good luck on your journey to embracing the strength of asking for help!

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